The Bench, the Council and the Prayer - $10 (Free shipping with all orders.)
This deeply personal, accessible work is an account of what emerged when Bill Ryan explored the journey of entering his sixtieth year. On a three day retreat in a rustic cabin, he holds council with all the different parts of himself that have played a role in his life up to now, and also begins to connect with other parts of self that have been dormant, wounded, or until now, unknown. When he asks the question, How do I feel about entering my sixtieth year?, what emerges is surprising, enlightening, humorous, frightening, tearful and hopeful. Bill’s descriptions of the inner landscape, and his explanation of the simple, effective ways in which he contacts his many selves, are relevant not only for those who are facing the latter stages of life, but also for readers who are entering their thirties, forties and fifties.