Love Blocks: Breaking the Patterns that Undermine Relationships
Why are we often unable to receive simple acts of love? We struggle with taking in compliments, have difficulty saying yes to other people’s offers to help us, tighten up when someone becomes physically affectionate, become anxious or distant when our partners try to get emotionally intimate, feel that if we have to ask for something we need  emotionally that whatever we get back from the other person is either inferior or not “real love”. In all of these everyday instances and many more, we are blocking love that is available to us. Of course it does not make any rational sense that we would ward off love. Yet there are usually some good emotional reasons, understandable from the perspective of our personal stories, why we are unable to easily receive certain forms of love. This book explores the origins of these persistent, usually unconscious, love blocks and provides ways of overcoming them so that we can become freer in our ability to receive and give love.

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